Our Work Process

Working with us is easy. You will have peace of mind and complete confidence in our abilities

Briefing, quoting and planning

It all starts with a brief. Don’t have one, or perhaps you’re unsure as to your precise requirements? No problem. We’ll write it for you and with you! Either way, we shall work with you to ensure you’re getting exactly what you need from us. The brief provides the context from which to quote.

We are modern business with modern ways of working. So, when we provide you with a quotation, it’s sent to you digitally. Once you’re happy with it, we’ll send you an order confirmation, which requires and electronic signature.

Once you’ve signed the order confirmation, it automatically creates an order within our system and your account manager is notified – so, no chance of orders getting missed.

From there, we’ll firm up timescales and deadlines with you and create a project.

Project management

We have a very different approach to project management. We don’t use traditional, outdated methods, such as job cards. Instead, we have a fully collaborative, task driven project management system.

Depending on what we have quoted you for, our project management system will automatically create tasks for the relevant departments and staff, for them to work on your project. The whole company has oversight of these tasks, so it’s super easy – and transparent – for us to see how your project is coming along.

We use a Facebook-style way of chatting, so internally all communication is contained within the project and not fragmented across emails, or bits of paper.

Our quality control is also second to none. Using electronic sign-off, you will be sent proofs, data-processing agreements, along with anything else that requires you to give it the once over. Nothing happens until YOU are happy for it to.

The results are in…

Once a project is complete, it doesn’t just end there. We want to know how your campaign performed and what we can do to help you improve future ones. This is an iterative process and with our combined knowledge, we can help maximise campaign performance.

We’ll provide you with any reports you’ve asked for – and probably some you haven’t!

So, please continue the conversation. We can help with all aspects of campaign planning and strategy, from data to copy and creative, to attribution.

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