Jun 16, 2022


by: Chris Rothwell


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Mailbird – JICMail Platinum Partner

Our work with our client using JICMAIL data has led to us being proudly recognised as a ‘JICMAIL Platinum Partner’ – joining a select group of only 14 other organisations.

JICMAIL is the Joint Industry Committee for Mail, an organisation which has been collecting data on the life cycle of mail since 2017.

We use JICMAIL insights as a key part of our consultative approach to campaign planning with our clients. JICMAIL provide ‘gold standard’ audience research data on how a panel of public interact with mail.

The data collected provides real world insights into what people do with mail: from looking at it, visiting an organisation’s website or making a purchase/donation. It also provides insights into the demographic of the audience. Put simply, we can use the data to help identify suitable audiences for your mail and even to predict estimated impacts and responses.

This has had a real impact with our clients, both those who are new to mail as a marketing channel and those who wanted help in identifying the right audience for their message.

One notable example was ‘Swoon’: Mailbird used JICMAIL data and insights to help identify the most appropriate audience, resulting in a ROI payback of over 23 times, you can find the case study here

If you would like more information on how Mailbird and JICMAIL data can help you grow your sales, or for a no obligation consultation, please contact us on 020 8993 6116 or email: enquiries@mailbird.co.uk