Response and Fulfilment

Whatever your chosen response channels, we want to make response hassle-free for you.

Nowadays, much of the response to a campaign is handled digitally. Calls to action tend to drive recipients to a website, irrespective of which channel is driving them – and don’t panic if you’re looking to use mail as it’s easy to bridge the gap between mail and digital by using QR codes or AR!

We take a holistic view of our clients campaigns and don’t stop short of just sending them out. What happens after they’ve gone is just as important. So, we work with our clients to decide on the most appropriate response mechanisms, whether that be using our call-centre, designing mobile responsive campaign landing pages to integrate into their website, or more complex customer journey integrations – see our Salesforce integration case study. Whatever the chosen response channels, we want to make response hassle-free for you. So let us handle it all for you!

Fulfilling your customer orders

For many of our clients, handling the responses of a campaign involves fulfilling orders and sending products/collateral directly to their customers and managing the stock in the process. Like most of what we offer, we recognise that every business is different and we tailor this to suit your needs. It may be that you need us to integrate with your e-commerce platform, or you might want us to build an e-commerce platform for you, or something else entirely. Either way, we have all the means to provide a bespoke fulfilment service that works for you, helping you take significant cost out of your business. Don’t believe us? Then read this.

Membership campaign management

We manage membership acquisition and retention for a number of institutions, handling everything from new members to membership renewals and all communications in between. We have automated this process for most of our clients, so that retention is never overlooked during the membership cycle.

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