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From data, to the copy and design of your campaign, it is essential that you get these elements right. This is where we come in.

‘Throughout my career in marketing and communications, I have seen and worked on a lot of campaigns. There are some brands out there doing a fantastic job at communicating with their customers, and there are some brands that are finding it hard to cut through the noise – nowadays, everyone with a smartphone is a marketer, blogger, leadership guru etc. There is a lot of rubbish out there – and that’s a fact.

‘Your campaign has to have its head above the parapet; it must stand out. From the data, to the copy and design of your campaign, it is essential that you get these elements right. The band is only as good as its worst musician and the same principle applies to marketing and business comms. I genuinely believe that this is where we add real value.

‘Most campaigns – at least, the types we work on – do not require an agency and the price tag that goes with it. They simply require an accurate data set, well-written copy that captures the tone of voice of the brand, a design that compliments the copy and response mechanisms that don’t make customers jump through hoops.

Yet, I see marketing managers writing the copy; I see print compositors doing the design – I see people who excel at other things, working on things they don’t excel at. Perhaps it’s to save on costs, perhaps because it’s just quicker. But at the end of it all, they end up with a mediocre campaign and then scratch their heads, wondering why the results aren’t as expected!

‘My point is to leave the various components of a campaign to the experts in their field. Would you ask a heart surgeon to perform brain surgery, just because they’re a doctor?

Please read this case study, which is a typical type of campaign we worked on for one of our clients. They were more than happy to give us the autonomy to handle things, as long as it stayed in line with their brief – and the results were outstanding!

Kerry – MD

Mailbird and Mediascene Design, Copy and Creative
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