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Secure mail production for a private bank

One of our clients is a private bank. We help them send out regular communications to their customers, using mail.

The problem

The client is a small bank and has fewer customers than the likes of the large bank. It therefore needed to partner with a company that could provide all the same levels of security as one of the large, transactional producers, whist getting a service and a price that was comparable to its volumes.

The solution

We provide a highly secure, working environment. Our CCTV is monitored and anyone entering or exiting the premises are always seen. Goods-in vehicles are photographed and timestamped, so that we know exactly when items have been delivered and by whom. Our staff clock-in using fingerprint recognition technology and all entrances/exits to the building require security codes, or keys.

We are GDPR compliant and have ISO27001 certification. The client sends us secure data dumps at a specific time. This data format is predefined and goes straight into our workflow, where it is validated and sorted, according to instruction. The digital assets already reside on our server. The job is then printed without any eyes-on from employees.

Once printed, the job is transferred to our secure enclosing lines. During the workflow process, the data are anonymised, barcoded and a copy of that anonymised data is sent to our enclosing servers. When the job is enclosed, the machines read the barcodes and check off each item seen against the anonymised data. Any spoils are physically shredded. Once the job is complete, the enclosing server will send any unseen, anonymised data back into our workflow, where the items are reprinted and sent again for enclosing. This process repeats until every single item has been seen and the job is finished. Of course, we do carry out quality control checks and in this instance the checks can only be carried out by a line manager.

The benefits

Security is of paramount importance to our client and the way we produce campaigns for them is carried out with minimal human oversight – and only then by vetted and authorised personnel. Having automated the process, the client has also taken full advantage of the cost savings that go alongside it – the more automated it is, the cheaper it becomes! This is fairly typical of the way we execute mailing campaigns, irrespective of whether you are a bank, or a company wishing to do some marketing.

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