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Multi-channel output for a theatre

We find that it’s quite common for businesses to have both a separate digital marketing department, alongside “the” marketing department. Our theatre client is no exception – the departments aren’t even located in the same building!

The problem

When a show needed marketing, depending on the promoter’s budget, there would often be an email campaign and a direct mail campaign, in the form of a postcard. The issue was, they were sent out as totally different campaigns, i.e. separate data segments, completely different artwork and response mechanisms. The campaigns were also totally uncoordinated with regards to timings.

The solution

This situation sounds uncommon, right? Well, from our experience it actually tends to be pretty typical – there can be separate budgets for digital marketing and other types, so these departments do their own thing.

We proposed to the client that as a matter of course, if a show needed marketing that we handled both the digital campaign and the mailing campaign. Using our workflow, we are able to take artwork and output for either web/email, print, or both!

Not only that, but with some simple data analysis, we were able to help the client flag their records with preferred methods of communication, meaning that those who wished to receive emails, did so and those wishing to receive mail did so. It’s worth noting that mail and email tend to work very well when used together as part of a campaign. For this solution, it was about getting the same message out, according to communication preference.

The benefits

We saved the client a ton of their marketing budget across both departments. A reactive, coordinated approach, pushing out uniform communications across multiple channels, at a few clicks of a button, quite literally halved their expenditure on creative and design.

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