The impact of mail isn’t measurable – oh yes it is!

Some brands are really missing a trick and shying away from mail. Their main objections are that they think mail is outdated and that customers, particularly the young, respond much better to digital; and they also believe that you cannot measure the real impact of mail the same way you can with digital and other channels.

It’s true, you can quickly and cost-effectively measure digital click-through-rates, but in a saturated market, response and engagement with digital are in decline.

Advertisers now have two potent tools to measure not only the reach and frequency of the letters, catalogues and brochures they send, but also what consumers do with the mail they receive after it is opened.

JICMail is an industry first. Set up by leading players in the mail industry, and similarly to other marketing channel metrics, it uses a panel of consumers to keep a detailed record of the mail marketing that lands on their doormat, who note whom it’s from and the industry sector, what the pack is advertising or promoting, and most importantly of all, what they did with it once received. The recipients keep a detailed diary of how many times the piece was read, with whom it was shared, where it was stored in the home, and what ultimately did they do with it – did they make or plan a purchase, file it for future reference, and how long it was kept for.

The data from these diaries is captured by leading research agency, Kantar TNS and is fed into a searchable online tool (JICMail) from which advertisers can make informed planning decisions, just as they would do with other channels such as TV and radio.

Naturally, Mailbird and Mediascene are JICMail subscribers, and use the tool to demonstrate to their clients how mail can work in their sector. Not only that, we offer this service for free.

Chris Rothwell

Group Sales Director

P.S. you can find more about JICMail, here: https://www.jicmail.org.uk/

(Source: MarketReach 2019 and Forbes 2019)